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Rihanna Parties Too Much; Amber Rose's Baby Bump Confirms Pregnancy

Rihanna avoids being thrown out of a club while Amber Rose’s baby bump says it all on her pregnancy rumors.

Rihanna has been in London working on her fashion line with River Island, a possible collaboration with Stella McCartney and hitting the recording studios in between time. On the topic of working together with Stella, an insider states,

“They call them ‘mood calls’. Stella rings Rihanna and asks her to explain what has influenced her mood that day — colors, textures, patterns. Stella feels she needs to tap into a younger generation and Rihanna is happy to help. It’s a bizarre way to create a fashion line but they work well together.”

After her workday the “Rudy Boy” singer finds time to party and her last engagement almost saw her getting thrown out! While at the Rose Club, RihRih attempted to climb a glass table weight only for it to collapse sending champagne bottles and broken glass scattering everywhere.

The club bouncers attempted to escort the singer out.

“They were trying to eject her when her girlfriends starting screaming, ‘That’s Rihanna, you idiots!’” said onlookers.

Rihanna pleaded with them, saying, “Don’t you know who I am?” according to the Daily Mail.

“Ri was telling the bouncers to get off and there was a scuffle,” one witness said. “I don’t think they recognized her. Finally, before they got to the exit doors, they realized their mistake and the club manager ordered free drinks for the table. And a new table, of course.”

A day in the life of Rihanna!

Meanwhile the secret of Kanye West’s ex-girlfriend is out. Amber Rose is pregnant! The former video vixen and current fiance to rapper Wiz Khalifa attempted to silent the pregnancy rumors last month when photos surfaced of what looked like a baby bump.

“I want babies. I definitely want to have kids for sure. Oh, you all think Amber’s pregnant? Cause I’ve been asked that. Do you think Amber’s pregnant?” asked Wiz during a radio interview. “….she will have my baby in life, and you guys will know when she’s pregnant. But it’s not the time now for people to start going crazy.”

Despite the denial the pictures are hard to ignore. Amber was seen wearing black tights and a black tank top with a visible baby bump. It’s hard to imagine why the couple would go through such lengths to deny the obvious.

See more photos of Amber’s bump below:

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