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Kent State’s Andre Parker Runs Into Infamy With Wrong-Way Punt Return

There was a comedy of errors, all on the same unforgettable play during Thursday night’s college football game between Kent State and Towson.

Talk about your YouTube moment.

You’ve probably all heard by now of how Kent State’s Andre Parker recovered a muffed punt before stiff-arming a defender and deftly racing 58 yards on the return.


But what most people seem to be missing is the lack of football IQ on the part of the two members of the Tigers’ punt team who instinctively chased him down the field before ultimately knocking him out of bounds.

At least Parker and his teammates can laugh about the whole thing following their 41-21 win.

The memorable play began when Kent State punted to Towson just before the end of the first half. Parker was on the coverage team that raced downfield after the kick. He overran the play, but found himself in a fortuitous position when the ball deflected off a Towson player.

Parker scooped the ball up, even as his momentum was taking him back in the direction from he had just come.

“Wait a minute.. wait a minute..” one of the TSN announcers squawked incredulously incredulously as Parker picked up speed after securing the ball. “You’re going the wrong way!”

Parker stiff-armed the first would-be tackler as he barreled down the field in the wrong direction. To the chagrin of the Towson coaching staff, a player on the return team eventually knocked the unexpected returner out of bounds.

It wasn’t until after the confused Parker was knocked out of bounds that he realized his gaffe. His reaction 33 seconds into the above video is priceless.

The point was moot since the play didn’t count anyway. By rule, a muffed punt cannot be returned, meaning the Golden Flashes took over where Parker first picked it up at Towson’s 7-yard line.

But check out the Tigers coach at the end of the video, scolding his players for making the tackle, as well as Parker’s sudden epiphany over what had just happened.

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