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'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta' Reunion Hits New Low With K. Michelle

love & hip hop atlanta reunionThe reunion of the first season of ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ was heartbreaking and embarrassing. Heartbreaking to see grown men like Stevie J, Scrappy and Kirk look on while black women made an utter fool of themselves to millions!

Nick Chiles of Atlanta Black Star provided poignant take on why.

The “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” Reunion Show last night might just represent the lowest, ugliest, most sickening moment in black television history.

In belittling another cast member that she said looked old, singer K. Michelle invoked the name of one of the proudest, most heroic figures in African-American history.

“I’m tired of these old ass, Harriet Tubman bitches,” Michelle announced to the audience.

The line was shocking in its ignorance—first, believing that she would be insulting another black woman by calling her Harriet Tubman; second, by using Harriet Tubman’s name in describing a woman that she is trying to call old and ugly, Michelle has reduced a woman who is legendary for her courage and perseverance to a superficial representation of female unattractiveness. It’s the kind of line that should reduce a parent to tears were you ever to hear it coming from your child’s lips, because it would show you that you have failed your child in so many ways.

Read the full story here. Meanwhile K. Michelle’s twitter reads like nothing happened. The response to anyone who dislikes her comments – these people are usually called haters – “It’s good over here! All the haters can just “Kiss My Ass””  Classy…

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