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Revisited: Top 15 Martin TV Show Moments (LoL)

The Martin show was hands down one of the funniest shows on TV. At any moment Martin would do a silly dance, crack a joke on Pam, and even kick his best friends out of his apartment.

Martin’s character was just one of the many personalities that he played on the show. Remember Sheneneh, Jerome, Old Otis, Dragon Fly, Roscoe, and Bob from marketing? Martin was a comedic genius who knew how to connect with his audience. Throughout the years, he supplied us with an endless barrage of comedy that would send you into laughing fits until you just couldn’t take it anymore.

Check out our top 15 funniest moments from the Martin show. Vote for your favorite and tell us which ones you remember the most in the comments.

Number 15: Bruh Man From The Fifth Floor(IIII)

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