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Kanye West's Ex-Girlfriend Alexis Phifer Denies Tell-All Book

Apparently there are rumors that Kanye West’s ex-girlfriend, designer Alexis Phifer planned a tell-all book dishing the dirt on ‘Ye. It is unclear exactly what the tell-all would cover but last April a ‘source’ told In Touch that Kanye was once physically abusive to Alexis. The source recalled an incident where Alexis caught the rapper looking a naked photo of Kim Kardashian (his now current girlfriend) on his phone.

“He said he couldn’t control who sent him photos. But then he started getting dramatic – huffing and puffing and making a big deal. They went outside, and Kanye pushed Alexis into some bushes with ALL HIS FORCE. She was wearing a t-shirt and she got cuts and scratches EVERYWHERE and was bleeding. She was crying. But he just left her there. He got in his car and drove away.”

Neither Kanye nor Alexis spoke to this article. This past week new rumors surfaced of a tell-all. But just as quickly the designer and stylist dismissed them. Yesterday she posted on Twitter, “I would never come out with a tell all or be on a show talking about the past! #ViciousLiesAnd DangerousRumors

Good to see she’s taking the classy way out..unlike other exes. *ahem* Meanwhile Kanye’s name is still being thrown around as a potential judge for American Idol’s upcoming season and money may be the biggest issue.

According to ABC News, “The rapper would expect his paycheck to “at least match Mariah’s salary” of $18 million, but he’s still “on the fence” about joining the talent show.”

That should be interesting….

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