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Mariah Carey NOT Ready To Welcome Nicki Minaj As New Idol Judge

It was rumored that Nicki Minaj is “100 percent confirmed” as the new American Idol judge but those reports have not been confirmed by Fox executives. Perhaps they leaked the information to gauge public reaction. Reportedly they didn’t have to look much further than their newly signed judge Mariah Carey – the diva is reportedly PISSED!

According to reports, the “Hero” singer slammed down the phone upon hearing of Nicki’s possible inclusion. Her concerns are warranted. The “Super Bass” rapper may not be a diva but she certainly calls more attention to herself and has millions more rabid fans than Carey – and she’s 13 years younger.

If Mariah has her way Fox will go with their other possible male options including country music stars Brad Paisley or Keith Urban and Latin crooner Enrique Iglesias.

Of course Nicki can bring a lot more than diva competition to her fellow judge. Here’s how one blogger puts it; “The Nicki news is exciting because, uh, all the crazy ‘dos? The potential Classic Abdul Factor of her selection? The hope that each heated disagreement over a contestant’s talent might end with Carey and Minaj tangled in multicolored/luscious fistfuls of each other’s hair?”

Not quite but it should exciting nonetheless. Do you think Nicki Minaj is a good fit for Idol?

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