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K. Michelle Clarifies Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Reunion Fight (Audio)

K. Michelle of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” has a lot to say these days from a rumored fight with co-star Rasheeda to Evelyn Lozada’s domestic dispute with Chad Johnson.

On the latter K. Michelle stated,

“I just feel like it’s a very delicate situation, just like with my situation, no one was there with them. We don’t know what happened. We don’t know anything about it. And I think that media, as well as the Twitter people and the outside world, are so quick to judge and take sides on the situation.”

She added,

“Evelyn is such a beautiful woman that a lot of girls look up to. I’m very proud of her for taking a stance and walking away, because I feel like I was so in love at the time when the police came to my rescue, I should’ve moved forward with charges and [I should’ve done] what I needed to do. So,  I think it’s very commendable on her part. At the same time it’s a tragic situation for both parties.”

To shed light on her own drama the reality star stopped into 106 KMEL radio station in San Francisco. Of her Twitter beef with the youngest Braxton Sister Tamar, K. Michelle called it petty.

Of her ongoing beef with co-star Rasheeda, K. Michelle claims she’s only creating the drama to create a storyline in hopes to securing a spot for season two – somone is thinking ahead! We think Rasheeda would disagree but that’s what Twitter is there for….to work out serious beefs.

On the rumored reunion fight with Rasheeda

On her beef with Tamar

On whether her assets are real

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  1. This bitch K.Michelle is seriously deluded.. how the hell you gon talk bout someone else's husband period? Bitch U can't even keep a man! That's why you're so bitter n so painfully jealous now! I don't feel sorry for her one bit, she brought all this on herself, she needs to know when to keep her mouth shut n pick her battles. Right now it's her against the world, but she made it that way. She doesn't even realize how stupid and ignorant she sounds. And you obviously have no life if all you do is travel around the country and go on radio shows and bash other people. I'm a victim of domestic violence myself and I don't even feel sorry for her because she goes about things the wrong way. And those horse teeth boo-boo are not the bizness!

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