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Halle Berry To Present Video As Evidence For Move To France

Halle Berry and her 4-year old daughter Nahla are hoping to make Paris their permanent home. Olivier Martinez, Halle’s fiance is already a citizen of France and will help his new family settle in nicely. There’s just one snag, Nahla’s father Gabriel Aubry lives in Los Angeles.

The Oscar winning actress is hoping to convince a judge that the paparazzi stateside is brutal and compromises her security while raising Nahla.

TMZ spoke with several paparazzi agencies and discovered that Halle’s lawyer, Stephen Kolodny, has been hunting down video showing her being terrorized by overly aggressive photographers trying to get a high-paying shot.

According to TMZ, the trial will be a sort of “video presentation” that will include the incident when she had to call the police in Beverly Hill so she could get out of a restaurant with her daughter.

Earlier this year, a judge ordered Halle to pay Aubry $20,000 a month in child support, even though Nahla loves with her mother.

Berry, who wants to move to Paris with fiance Olivier Martinez and has even shopped for schools in Paris, is assured of having more of a safe buffer in Paris, where the paparazzi operate by a different set of rules.


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  1. Ah, try again Halle. Lady Diana Spencer was in Paris when she was chased down by the paparazzi which contributed to a car crash in which she died. I don't know the details of your private life but whatever happens, you need to make sure for her sake that your daughter gets as much Daddy time as possible. As you should know by now, men come and go in a woman's life.

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