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K. Michelle, Toya Wright And Memphitz Feud Continues

K. Michelle’s abuse claims made on “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” against music executive Memphitz isn’t sitting well with his wife Toya Wright. During a press dinner this past week in New York City K Michelle was responding to what she believed was a diss from Toya,

“I’mma tell you one thing…if you wasn’t in that room, you need to shut the —- up. And I’mma tell you one more thing…if I don’t come at you, then you don’t come for me because my story is my story. So, I don’t care if that’s your husband or not because at the end of the day, you look d–k drunk.”

It’ turns out, according to Toya that she remained quiet on the allegations…but not anymore. Lil Wayne’s ex-wife sat down with Tami and set the record straight.

I promised myself that I was never going to talk about that because she’s so irrelevant to me. But I’m gonna say this…the picture she’s painting of my husband is not my husband. I’ve been knowing him for six years. I knew several women that even dated him that never said anything about abuse. If somebody abused you like that, where’s the proof. Where’s the police report? Where’s the pictures? Where’s the messages, that you claimed that he sent threats to your kid and threatened to kill your child? These are the things that it don’t matter about love. You would be in jail if you threatened my kid…

She’s saying that I said all this stuff about her, but pull it up. Where is it? I never said anything about that situation. Never addressed it and I told myself I wouldn’t. But a friend of mine just called me about a interview she did on The Breakfast Club and I mean, that’s my husband. I don’t know you. I was not there when ya’ll had the altercation, true. But I’ma be 100 percent supportive of my man. I don’t know you. I don’t know the person, this abuser. I never met that guy. I don’t know nothing about him abusing women or nothing…He’s a loving person. He’s very affectionate. Anybody that knows him for real be like “What is wrong with this girl?” And the crazy part about is, everybody says that you’re crazy, you hit them. Everybody I know say you’re the abuser.

You can watch the full interview below. No rebuttal from K. Michelle as of yet – though we’re hoping all parties can move past this..quickly!

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