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Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Episode 8 Brings More Drama

Episode 8 of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” had all the drama and ridiculousness that fans have come to expect from this new show.

Fighting—yes, actual fisticuffs—couples in conflict and a whole bunch of backstabbing as usual make this latest episode must-see TV.

First up, we get Karlie and Joseline meeting up to discuss a possible collaboration. First there is clear beef between them because Joseline is suspicious about why Karlie wants to work with her Stevie.

“Why were you so worried about me messing with Stevie?” Joseline wants to know.

This gives Karlie the perfect opening to talk about her relationship with Benzino. So this concludes with the two of them giggling about Karlie’s budding relationship with Benzino.

Shay and Scrappy are now in the midst of a relationship, which is not pleasing to Rasheeda, who tells Scrappy that he just broke up with Erica, who is her friend. Scrappy says it’s over between him and Erica, he’s done.

After the commercial, we see Karlie at a photo shoot for a feature in Benzino’s magazine, Hip Hop Weekly —after Karlie told Benzino her manager believed Benzino wasn’t hot enough to help her career.

“You are the pieces to my puzzle,” says Karlie in her baby voice.

We are next brought to Pearl Bistro for Rasheeda and Scrappy’s performance of their new song. K. Michelle, Mimi and Ariane are there to support her.

When Shay and Scrappy show up, K. Michelle is not happy.

“My whole left leg is doing the Elvis Presley. I feel some type of way,” she says.

K. Michelle says she plans to tell Erica, and hopes that the rest of them would do her the same solid if they caught her man doing wrong.

But after some scenes with Benzino picking out an engagement ring for Karlie and meeting with Stevie to talk about his relationship with both Mimi and Joseline, we get to the grand finale.

Stevie’s ridiculousness came raining down on him when he endeavored to have a therapy session with Dr. Jeff Gardere that included his baby momma Mimi and his singer/girlfriend Joseline—both on the therapist’s couch with him at the same time.

Stevie J says he loves both of them and apparently believes he can have both women at the same time. But the “therapy” didn’t last long.

As soon as Joseline found out that Stevie was still living with Mimi, she started smacking him upside the head with right hooks and uppercuts. The ever-ready reality TV crew of burly bodyguards/assistants/fight referees immediately jumped in and pulled her off the hapless producer—while the camera blurred the image of her bouncing breasts, released from their bondage in her skintight top.

In her confessional Mimi says that she was silently cheering Joseline on.

“I’m just going to sit and let you whack him. Get him again. Get him for me. Ah!”

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