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Chris Brown Mocks ‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta”s Stevie J

If you needed more proof that the reality drama that is “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” had penetrated the national consciousness—or at least the consciousness of the black music world—Chris Brown provided it last night by Instagraming a picture of himself making a face in imitation of producer Stevie J, one of the controversial stars of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.”

Stevie J, a very successful music producer in the 1990’s and 2000’s, is known on the show for the duplicitous relationships he is carrying on at the same time with the mother of his child and a former stripper turned singer/rapper. When he gets into tight situations or when he’s speaking to the camera in the now cliched manner of every reality show, Stevie J makes an amusing face that many have described as looking like a rodent. His faces is one of the most memorable things about his character on the show—aside from the crazy things he says to his women while he is trying to act suave.

Underneath the picture, Brown wrote “Stevie J face.” His followers loved it, responding with comments such as “gimme kiss”—one of the expressions that spills out of Stevie’s mouth inexplicably when his women are raging at him. Viewers are left to conclude that either this guy is the worst judge of female moods in male history—or he has to be kidding.

And in episode 8 of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” Stevie’s ridiculousness came raining down on him when he endeavored to have a therapy session with Dr. Jeff Gardere that included his baby momma Mimi and his singer/girlfriend Joseline—both on the therapist’s couch with him at the same time. Stevie J says he loves both of them and apparently believes he can have both women at the same time. But the “therapy” didn’t last long. As soon as Joseline found out that Stevie was still living with Mimi, she started smacking him upside the head with right hooks and uppercuts. The ever-ready reality TV crew of burly bodyguards/assistants/fight referees immediately jumped in and pulled her off the hapless producer—while the camera blurred the image of her bouncing breasts, released from their bondage in her skintight top.


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