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NeNe Leakes Supports Kim K And Kanye West Dating

NeNe Leakes loves Kim Kardashian’s new boyfriend Kanye West! The star player on the Real Housewives of Atlanta has been spotted several times now with Kim K and considers her a friend. NeNe completed a stunning editorial for Denim magazine to celebrate their one year anniversary and she speaks briefly on her friendship with Kim.

Denim: So, we’ve seen you out a lot with Kim Kardashian. Is she your newest friend?
NeNe: “Yes”

Denim: It’s been said that you all have a good friendship, how do feel about her relationship with Kanye West?

NeNe: ”I’m very supportive of it. I was just with her and Kanye on the 4th of July weekend. We went to Atlantic City to see him perform and I’m supportive of her finding love. I think he is a great match for Kim, I think he is going to hold Kim down. And they actually look very cute together, yea!”

We will remain cautious. Editorials aside, NeNe is also busy on the set of her new show in Los Angeles, The New Normal produced Glee creator Ryan Murphy. She even shared a photo from her trailer with this caption, “Moved into my trailer on The New Normal set! Even got my badge!” See the photo below. Allegedly Ryan is obsessed with the reality star – which means NeNe can count on working in showbiz for years to come.

What do you think of NeNe’s gorgeous photos for Denim magazine?

Can we say closet envy?!

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