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J.Lo and Boyfriend Considering Lawsuit Against Tabloids After Gay Hookup Allegations

Jennifer Lopez and boyfriend Casper Smart are not too fond of the gay rumors circulating about Smart and are preparing to take legal action, according to TMZ.  According to the post, letters have been sent to InTouch and Star magazines for “false, malicious and defamatory” reports that would cause “immense damage” to the couple’s reputations.

This issue stems from reports that surfaced after Smart was photographed outside of a peep show in New York City that doubles as a hook-up spot for gay men.  Star described the area as “well-known cruising spot for gay men looking for instant hookups,” and InTouch reported that Smart had been caught getting an erotic massage.

Smart’s rep denied the allegation and an employee at a nearby barbershop claims the whole situation is a misunderstanding. “In our barbershop, we don’t currently carry an ATM machine. So he went to the nearest ATM. They clearly have the ATM sign right here. This ATM is disposable to the public. It’s in the opening,” said the employee to Celebuzz. “That is what really happened. He clearly had no idea that it was a gay porn shop. It doesn’t say it. We hope there are no misunderstandings to the public.”

Other media outlets are reporting Lopez might be adding Smart to her long list of exes. According to a source close to Lopez, this incident has taken a toll. “They have not split yet, but it’s fair to say they are cooling off a bit,” the source told E! News. “The pictures have created a distance between them. Even if Casper is telling the truth, and he didn’t mean to walk into the doorway, it just proves how young and immature he is. He should have been more careful, he knows he is often being followed by paparazzi.”

According to the source, Lopez doesn’t see her beau as a potential husband. “Jennifer cares about Casper, they are certainly very close,” the source continued. “But he is not the love of her life. She can live without him. If she does decide to split from him she’ll be ok. She just needs some time to think about whether Casper is worth all this trouble.”

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