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Super PAC Ad Accuses Obama of Racism Against Whites

A new Super PAC ad is accusing President Obama of racism against whites by, get this, allowing his attorney general to say that some white people hate the president and attorney general because of their racism.

“Implying that whites are too stupid to have honest disagreements with the president without being racist is, in and of itself, racist against whites,” the narrator says in the commercial created by the super PAC called Fight Bigotry.

The ad says that by allowing the comments of Attorney General Eric Holder to go unchecked, it was “reinforcing Mr. Obama’s disturbing pattern of tacitly defending black racism”—though it’s not clear how one can “tacitly” defend someone else’s comments.

The ad then goes on to selectively edit Obama speeches to imply that he called his grandmother racist and said she was a “typical white person,” making it appear as if the president is saying a typical white person is racist. Holder declining to prosecute a group called the New Black Panthers for intimidating white voters is also deemed as a racist act.

The incident involving Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates’ confrontation and arrest by the Cambridge police, and the president later saying the officer acted “stupidly,” is used as another example of the president defending the racist professor who dared challenge the white officer.

And of course the ad trotted out Rev. Jeremiah Wright, saying the president wasn’t bothered by the racist sermons of his former Chicago pastor.

To top it all off, the ad invokes the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., saying that Obama has failed to live up to King’s dream.

“Dr. King would have been sickened by the likes of the New Black Panthers, Henry Louis Gates, Jeremiah Wright and Eric Holder,” the narrator says.

“Mr. President, you ran as the candidate of change,” the ad’s narrator says in conclusion. “But one thing has not changed—your tacit defense of racism against white folks, despite receiving nearly half the white vote to win the presidency.”

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