Casper Smart, JLo Threaten Witnesses And Tabloids For Gay Rumors

Casper Smart gay rumors are not going away. JLo’s 25-year old boy toy has been plagued with the gay rumors since they began dating in November 2011. The most damaging – before last week’s report – came from a professional dancer who allegedly personally knows Casper. Joshua Lee Ayers unleashed a series of tweets plus compromising photos of Casper.

”LOL @jessyterrero check out Ur Gay Homie@caspersmart. Know as a low key homo in hollywood!!!”

Ayers even added that JLo is merely a pawn in the dancer’s scheme,

“@JLevsperJLover U know casper USED/CHEATED on the Girlfriend who got him on the JLO gig right??He jus usin JLO 4 fame/success”

The latest claim against Jennifer Lopez’s beau are from several witnesses who claim they saw Casper enter a spot popular for gay men in New York City just before her birthday. It was initially assumed that Casper entered to buy a gift for his pop star girlfriend however he left empty handed.

A man who’s familiar with the club described as “a gay cruising spot. You go into the booths, then you get all kind of tapping on the wall and propositions. It’s like zombies.”

Another claimed to have seen Casper at the location before when shown a photo of the dancer: “Yeah, I’ve seen him. He was in here about three weeks ago.”

Despite their witnesses, tabloid magazines Star and In Touch may be facing a lawsuit from Jennifer and Casper. While both their reps have previously denied the gay claims this new report seems to have gone too far.

The couple’s attorneys have sent letters to the magazines demanding they retract the stories on the grounds they are “false, malicious and defamatory.” Adding that the stories can cause “immense damage” to the couple’s careers.

Ayers has remained abreast of the news retweeted this message referencing Casper’s cover on tabloid magazine,

@MilkcolmX look gay boy got what he wanted he finally made it on a mag cover… Bet he never thought it’d b cus of this

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