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Stevie J's Rumored New Girlfriend Denies Pregnancy

Love & Hip Hop star Stevie J has found himself in another drama filled plot as his rumored new girlfriend Tammie Grant was pregnant. Reportedly Stevie was prepared to leave his Latina temptress Joseline Hernandez and his longtime girlfriend Mimi Faust for Tammie. It turns out the rumors are false and Tammie wants nothing to do with Stevie and his scandals.

I am not pregnant with Stevie J’s baby. There are rumors being said that just are not true. Yes, at one time me and Stevie were very close and we were seeing each other. I never gave Stevie any money which is absurd, nor did he break up my marriage, me and Gary Grant were already separated for 2 years when me and Stevie met. It was at my best interest to distance myself from Stevie and the scandals. I only have kind things to say about him and fond memories. I wish him and his beautiful children all the luck.

Apparently Joseline already knew Stevie, or as she affectionately calls him, Stebbie, wasn’t going anywhere. At a press dinner in New York earlier this week she stated, “I’m working with the best…he’s never gonna leave me alone. I suggest she stops crying because I ain’t going no where.”

Now if only Mimi can leave them both behind and move on.

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