O.J. Murdock Contacted People Before Killing Himself

O.J. Murdock, the Tennesse Titan receiver who apparently killed himself Monday, contacted some people through text messages and left a suicide note, according to a report.

Those close to Murdock, who was 25, cannot fathom why he would shoot himself in his car near his high school in Tampa. But TOB.com reports that he left a suicide note, the contents of which have not been revealed, as police consider the investigation ongoing.

Murdock had communications with some people close to him before taking his own life. The Tampa Times reports that  he text messaged his receivers coach at Fort Hays State, Al McCray, at 3:30 a.m. Tuesday.

McCray said of the text read: “It was like, ‘Coach, I appreciate everything you’ve done for me and my family.’ At the end of the text he said, ‘I apologize.’ I figured he’s apologizing because he texted me so early.”

Aesha Bailey, a former high school coach at Memorial Middle School, received a call from Murdock, according to TBO.com. Bailey found McCrary’s body in his car.

“He just kept saying ‘I’m sorry, coach. I’m sorry,'” said Bailey, a former star athlete in the county before joining the teaching ranks. “That’s all he said.”

Bill Ward, a local sportswriter who covered Murdock in high school also received a text message. At 6:03 a.m., Murdock wrote:

“Hey Mr Ward, it’s OJ Murdock. . . I just want to thank u for everything you’ve done for me and my family. Can’t thank you enough.”

Ward replied to Murdock at 9:57 a.m.: “Hi O.J. Thanks for those kind words. Are you recovered from the Achilles and back in camp with the (Titans)?”

Murdock did not respond.

His family will eventually learn of the contents of the note Murdock, who went to South Carolina for college, left behind.

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