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Lee Daniels, Hugh Jackman To Make New MLK Assassination Movie 'Orders To Kill'

Director Lee Daniels has teamed up with Hugh Jackman to make a new Martin Luther King Jr. assassination film which will reportedly take on an “unconventional view of King’s murder.” Meaning that the movie will explore the possibility of King’s murder being a conspiracy.

According to LA Times, The film titled, Orders To Kill, will tell an alternative version of the MLK shooting.

The film will tell the story of William Pepper (Jackman), a controversial attorney and activist who for decades has argued that convicted killer James Earl Ray, who recanted his confession and died arguing his innocence, didn’t shoot MLK. The picture will follow Pepper over the years as he wages a one-man campaign, interviewing witnesses and building support for his theory that other interests, including those from the U.S. government, were behind the 1968 Memphis killing. (In a nutshell, Pepper, who is still alive, argues that government interests wanted King dead because of his opposition to the Vietnam War.)

Orders To Kill will tell the story based on William Pepper’s book of the same name. The screenplay is already written and is reportedly ready to be filmed. Millennium Films is producing the film. Daniels will direct and Jackman will star.

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