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Diana Ross, La Toya Jackson Call For Privacy In Jackson Family Feud

Motown queen Diana Ross has spoken up along with Micheal’s sister La Toya Jackson on the ongoing and very public Jackson family feud.

“All interests are best served if it remains private,” said Diana. La Toya reportedly told close friends her objective is to protect Paris, Blanket and Prince.

There’s is also an update on the change of guardianship for Michael’s children. The pop star stipulated in his will that Diana should care for his children if his mother Katherine was not able and now she is ready to sign off on the new joint custody arrangement between Katherine and her grandson T.J. Jackson, according to a report on radaronline.

“Diana has no qualms whatsoever about the new custody agreement, she only wants what is best for the children. Diana knows that the children are old enough to decide who they want to live with and she defers to what they want. While Diana hasn’t been a big part of their lives because she lives on the East Coast, she is very fond of them,” a source close to the situation told

Based on the will, the judge in the case ordered both Diana and Prince Michael and Paris’ mother Debbie Rowe be informed.

Katherine’s attorney Perry Sanders said Michael’s oldest child, Prince, 15, is pleased with the new arrangement because he gets along so well with TJ.

“There’s a close bond there and a definite sense of unity,” the lawyer told X17online. “Contrary to what people think, there was absolutely zero animosity between those two. I felt nothing but love in the room.”

The family attorney has declared that Janet—who security footage showed arguing with Paris Jackson and allegedly calling her “spoiled little bitch”—Jermaine and Randy are banned from visiting their mother Katherine’s home in Calabasas, but there’s been no word from the famous siblings on whether they will let it stand that they are barred from their mother’s house.

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