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Kourtney Kardashian And Scott Work Overtime; No Baby For Lamar & Khloe

A pregnant Khloe Kardashian won’t join her sister Kourtney Kardashian in motherhood as early as she’d hoped because her husband Lamar Odom…is not ready. Previously Lamar was jealous of Kourtney’s pregnancy and was in a haste to see Khloe with child. However with his career nearly in ruins and a new contract with the LA Clippers, the basketball star wants to focus on his career.

“[Khloe] and Lamar are taking a break from trying to have a baby while he settles into his new job back in LA,” revealed a source to In Touch magazine.

“Lamar said that he and Khloe were trying for a baby, but admitted that he’s not ready because he needs to give his all to his game.”

It was wildly reported that Khloe did begin fertility treatment in part because she blamed herself. Recently Khloe revealed,

“People keep saying, ‘Why aren’t you pregnant yet?’ That’s what scares me, when people are like, ‘Did you go to the doctor? Do you know if everything’s working?’ It’s nerve-racking. Sometimes I feel like I’m letting everyone down.”

Lamar who has two children from a previous relationship understands the dedication that is required when raising children. Kourtney and Scott are reportedly staying up all night with Penelope.

“Their first baby was really easy so they weren’t prepared for this, she’s been keeping them up all night crying so they have both been on edge.”

The eldest Kardashian who admits her commitment phobia has kept her from marrying Scott demanded he pull his weight with their daughter,

“When the baby was first born they came together, Kourtney demanded he help and surprisingly Scott came through. When Kourtney was pregnant she told friends that if Scott didn’t clean up his ways she would rather be a single mom.”

According to sources close to the family the one time party boy has changed his ways, “But, he appears to have really stepped up to the plate, much to everyone’s surprise. Kourtney and Scott are totally frazzled though, they have been losing a lot of sleep and that is stressful on any couple.

Despite moving into a new phase in their relationship Kourtney’s boyfriend is still haunted by his past. Brittany Reichek, a 29-year old model recalled Scott and a friend stealing from girls they’ve dated.

They would “get drunk with them, then take them back to their parents’ homes and claim they were their own.”

They “would usually videotape themselves having sex with the women” and at an opportune moment they “would go through their handbags and steal just about anything they could get their hands on.”

Time will tell if Scott will continue to step up to the plate for Kourtney and his daughter. One source believes he’s a new man, “No one can believe it, but Scott has actually decided to do the right thing, for once!”

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