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Kevin Hart, Drake Compete in Epic Paintball Battle

What do rappers and comedians do when they’re not on stage—or engaged in brawls at the club? Apparently they have paintball battles. Drake and comedian Kevin Hart engaged in an epic battle over the weekend while they were in Toronto for Hart’s stage show.

And apparently Drake and his team were a lot better than Hart and his team.

“Just got done playing a intense game of paintball against @Drake & his team,they beat da living shit out of us! We will meet again my friend” and added, “Don’t worry twitches I will have a video coming soon, those n–as ambushed us, they were over prepared! CANADIAN paint don’t shoot straight.”

Drake sends a shout-out in Hart’s direction in his song, “Over My Dead Body.”

Or you wanna be a muthaf*ckin funny guy?
Don’t make me break your kevin hart boy

Drake attended Hart’s Toronto show after the paintball showdown, earning Hart’s gratitude.

“Toronto was EPIC last night, Major shout out to my man @Drake 4 coming out & showing luv last night! The energy in da building was crazy,” Hart tweeted afterwards.

Both Hart and Drake are flying high these days. In addition to touring the country and co-starring in the hit movie Think Like a Man earlier this year, Hart also has a regular role in the top ABC comedy Modern Family as Phil Dunphy’s next-door neighbor.

As for Drake, of course there was the much-dissected club brawl earlier this year against Chris Brown in New York City. But in between his successful Club Paradise Tour and recording new music, he’s steadily released songs with a slew of artists like 2 Chainz and Meek Mill. A few days ago, he was featured on Rick Ross’ new “Diced Pineapples” track along with Wale. Drake also was rumored to have met up with Rihanna in the south of France—where she also supposedly connected with ex Chris Brown—but those rumors were never confirmed. It is the Rihanna-Brown-Drake triangle that started the bottle-throwing brawl in the first place.

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