Beyonce's Sister Solange Goes Topless On Vacation

Beyonce isn’t the only Knowles rocking the box braids style, her younger sister Solange shared some intimate photos on Tumblr showing off her own take on the summer style and even a topless photo!

Solange and her longtime boyfriend Alan Ferguson took a vacation to the Nashwena Island in Massachusetts. Bey’s sis posted some beautiful photos including one with the back turned to the camera, left covering her bosom and bikini bottoms. In another gorgeous photo Solo dropped her long braids to cover her entire back. Beautiful. See more of the photos below.

While the Knowles’ hairstyles are firmly in synch, Beyonce is working out some legal woes against Gate Five, a video gaming company that sued the singer for abandoning her contract. In the latest update, Gate Five is seeking private conversations Beyonce had after the video game contract was terminated including with her father Matthew Knowles. Gate Five believes the entertainer is “attempting to withhold these documents on the basis of attorney-client privilege, saying that several third party individuals were “agents” necessary to facilitate communications between the singer and her law firm.”

The video game to be called Starpower: Beyonce reportedly cost the company $6.7 million and forced 70 people out of work during Christmas season in 2010. Bey and her lawyers filed an appeal last month after their motion for summary judgment was denied by the judge. The appeal is still pending.

Followers of the entertainer seem divided of the case with many believing she had enough time withdraw from the contract when all the funding wasn’t available while others want her head!

Yes, I’m that Leah wrote,


LaurenStar added,

“If the video game company didn’t get funding as promised to make the video game.. Beyonce had a right to move on. This case is ludicrous.”

Such is the life of Beyonce…:-) See beautiful photos of Beyonce and her baby Blue Ivy to the right and Solange’s gorgeous vacation photos below:

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