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Rihanna Shows Off Sexy Suit, Mysterious Tweets

Rihanna’s yachting vacation in the French Riviera is turning out to be a paparazzi and gossip columnist’s dream, as she is cavorting each day in full view of photographer lenses in a fashion show of skimpy bathing suits, showing off her sexy body in an array of poses—and then going onto Twitter and sending out a succession of tweets that might be notes about her feelings on her ex, Chris Brown, or they might not.

One thing you can say about the 24-year-old diva is that she knows how to get and keep attention. Clearly she knows how to make maximum use of all the tools at her disposal in the Internet age to keep media and her fans constantly entertained and hungrily wondering and waiting to see what she will do next.

When it comes to the tweets, it’s not clear that she can help herself—the girl tweets so much that she very well maybe addicted to spilling her heart for the world to see.

In today’s Rihanna installment, we get the “Where Have You Been” singer prancing around the yacht in a sexy floral one-piece bathing suit, complete with the butt shot as Rihanna decides at some point to crawl on all fours. Surely she knows the camera lenses are trained closely on her scantily clad behind. Maybe that’s the point.

One thing the pictures revealed is that she doesn’t seem to be showing any ill effects from the supposed broken toe she suffered when she dropped a bottle on her foot while bartending.

And then there are the tweets. She ripped these off in rapid succession—just a couple of days after the gossip world exploded with stories that she and Brown had met up for a late-night rendezvous (the least secret rendezvous in world history) on his yacht, after he supposedly ditched his own girl, Karrueche Tran. They all appear to be lyrics from the hit song by British DJ/singer Calvin Harris, “Feel So Close.”

“And there’s no stopping us right now! I feel so close to you right now!”

“Your love pours down on me surround me like a waterfall”

“I wear my heart upon my sleeve like a big deal”

“I feel so close to u right now it’s a force field”

So maybe she was simply listening to “Feel So Close” and got inspired to quote the lyrics—or maybe she was sending messages to Chris Brown.We’ll probably never know the answers—which is why the guessing is so fun and seemingly harmless.

Rihanna posted a series of pictures on Instagram of an adorable little girl she called her “adopted daughter,” but there’s no information about who the girl belongs to. She also sent out the following tweet about her grandmother who passed away earlier this month:

“I wish u were here… Got so many questions and you always had answers #grangranDOLLY

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