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Rihanna, Chris Brown Possibly Reconnect in the South of France

Rihanna Twitter – Did Rihanna have a secret rendezvous with her ex, Chris Brown, aboard a luxury yacht in Cannes? Maybe she did, maybe she didn’t. If they did, she has not taken to twitter to share the details.

While the Sun is quoting a “source” claiming that the meeting definitely happened, Brown’s people are denying it—especially since Brown went to the south of France in the company of his girlfriend Karrueche Tran.

“CB is in France to shoot a music video for Swizz Beatz album and Ludacris is in it. It’s Swizz’s song. Karrueche is there with him…They never broke up,” Brown’s rep told Hollywood Scoop.

“He is not on her (Rihanna’s) yacht. There is no Rihanna connection,” says Chris’ rep.

But then again, despite the statements by reps, there are all the Twitter messages by Rihanna, Brown and Tran that seem to tell a different story. In her tweets, Tran seems to be indicating that she has broken up with Brown because of his relationship with Rihanna.

And the tweets between Rihanna and Brown appear to be playing out their renewed pairing before the whole world.

Apparently Brown, who was given community service for assaulting Rihanna in 2009, flew to Nice by private jet, then took a helicopter down the French Riviera to Saint-Tropez, where he boarded one of the world’s most expensive yachts, which he has chartered for the week.

According to a source said: “Chris is staying on the yacht next to Rihanna’s. He’s got rappers Swizz Beatz and Ludacris with him and they’ve decided to film a music video too.

“It was a last-minute trip, but Chris wanted to see Rihanna. They have this weird addiction to each other and can’t seem to stay away.

“She was really happy when he arrived. She spent all evening getting ready to see him. They waited till night so no one saw them.

“She went to his yacht, which they moved to a secluded bay. They’ve been through a lot, but still have strong feelings for each other.”

And then there are the tweets.  First Brown tweeted:

“This n*gga Luda flying the damn helicopter! I’m sh*tting bricks right now” with a picture that appeared to show Ludacris at the controls.

Then Rihanna posted Brown’s Instagram picture with this tweet:

“Touch down baby, help me pick out my fit.”

Then yesterday, Rihanna tweeted this:

“#3words lastnight was beautiful”

While that’s no definitive proof, it does sound very suspiciously like a love re-connection with her abuser.

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