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Love & Hip Hop Reunion Show Not Cancelled Says Mona Scott Young

The reunion for Love & Hip Hop Atlanta will continue as planned despite rumors that the boys hate the boys and the girls hate the girls. Without the reunion viewers will not have the chance to gain closure on the outstanding issues surrounding the castmembers including Joseline, Stevie J and Mimi Faust’s three-way relationship?! What about K. Michelle and Karlie Redd? Will Rasheeda fire her husband Kirk? Lil Scrappy and his child support issues with ex-girlfriend Erica Dixon?

To ease the concerns of viewers executive producer Mona Scott Young jumped right on Twitter to clear up the rumor:

“GM! How do these silly rumors even get started???!!! It Ain’t so! Reunion is NOT cancelled. #SillyRumor #StayTuned Thanks!!”

Besides why would Mona, who relishes in exploiting black men and women, miss out on an opportunity to cash out the huge ratings of the reunion show? According to latest reports the VH1 reality show hit a series high with 3.5 million viewers for Monday night’s 8pm episode with another 2.1 million watching the encore at 10pm. The show is averaging 2.9m viewers and even beat out Real Housewives of Atlanta’s fourth season!

It’s safe to say with numbers like these neither VH1 nor Mona will pass up on the reunion. To make it even spicier, a new report alleges that K. Michelle will face ex boyfriend Memphitz over allegations he physically abused her.

Will you finish out the season and watch the Love & Hip Hop reunion when it airs?

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