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Love & Hip Hop: Lil Scrappy Child Support, Joseline's Fake Engagement

Mimi Faust is laughing off rumors Joseline Hernandez is engaged to Stevie J while Lil Scrappy blasts at Love & Hip Hop producers for editing his child support scene.

If you caught Monday night’s episode of Love and Hip Hop you were one of millions who found it difficult to comprehend Lil Scrappy’s conversation with his child’s mother and ex-girlfriend Erica Dixon. While the rapper was preparing to move out he asked Erica to remove him off child support. By the end of the scene Scrappy appeared to be a deadbeat who wanted to remain a deadbeat. Not surprisingly after the episode aired the rapper lashed out….on Twitter:

“I know y’all feel one way but I feel another u don’t know wut go on behind the cam.  Man just for that lying an actin on #LHHATL again I’m def gone drop the bomb on the reunion about this. I done always took care of mine.”

He added,

“We turnt up but just kn(o)w every action has a reaction, y’all r just catchin my reaction to some that happen that u didn’t c but f**k it.  Aint nobody walkinn out squeeky baby an(d) I can’t wait til yall knw,yean gne slander me like I aint been the one providing.”

Interesting. Mimi Faust is also working overtime to put the rumors to rest that Joseline and Stevie J are engaged. She called into TT Torrez’s iPower 92 radio show and shockingly reveals that Stevie J refuses to acknowledge his relationship with Joseline.

“He tells me that’s just his artist.  We getting money.” There are no boundaries to getting money for Stevie who’s willing to get his artist pregnant and embarrass his child’s mother.

On the engagement rumor Mimi could hardly contain herself, “Oh God come on….stop it!”

No, all of you stop it!

Listen her interview below:


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