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Kanye West to Guest Star Again on ‘The Cleveland Show’

Kanye West will be returning to the small screen as Kenny West, his recurring role in the animated series The Cleveland Show. The character will be featured in the show’s season premiere in October, according to The Vancouver Sun. West isn’t the only famous voice that will be on this season of The Cleveland Show. Other future guest stars for the Seth MacFarlane created show include actress Sofia Vergara and Parks and Recreation’s Nick Offerman.

MacFarlane’s other shows, American Dad and Family Guy will also have famous guest stars. Johnny Depp is set to voice an animated version of his famed character Edward Scissorhands on Family Guy. Ryan Reynolds, a past guest star and star of Ted, Macfarlane’s blockbuster film, is set to return as the supposed son God created before Jesus. “He’s God’s previous attempt at an immaculate conception — his first son that didn’t quite work out,” said Family Guy executive producer Mark Hentemann. Family Guy’s newest season will premiere on September 30.

American Dad’s list of guest stars includes Danny Glover, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Rupert Grint and will premiere on the same day as Family Guy.

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