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Celebs Use Twitter to Pay Tribute to Sherman Hemsley

Celebrities who worked with Sherman Hemsley over the years or admired his work took to Twitter yesterday and today to pay tribute to “George Jefferson” and his comic genius. Hemsley died yesterday in El Paso at the age of 74.

See their tweets below:

Remembering her work with him on the set of “Sister, Sister,” Tamera Mowry said Hemsley was “brilliant” at his craft.

“RIP SHERMAN HEMSLEY … You were brilliant at your craft! You taught me pure comedy. Such a pleasure working with a such a great talent,” said Mowry.

Recognizing Hemsley’s work as an actor alongside his mother on “The Jeffersons,” Lenny Kravitz also spoke out via Twitter Tuesday.

“Rest in peace Sherman Hemsley. You are legendary. Your contribution changed the fabric of American culture……Growing up watching you on set with my mom was monumental. Love, Lenny Kravitz.”

Jackee Harry, who shared the screen with Hemsley on “Sister, Sister,” also recognized Hemsley as a “friend” and “legend.”

“RIP To My Longtime Friend & Comedic LEGEND, Sherman Hemsley aka George Jefferson. #NeverToBeForgotten,” said Harry.

Actors and comedians including Marlon Wayans, Seth Green, Josh Duhamel, Deion Sanders, and Larenz Tate also tweeted memories of Hemsley Tuesday. See their tweets below.

Hemsley was 74 at the time of his death in El Paso, Texas.

God bless Sherman Hemsley BKA George Jefferson. He’s gone to be with the Lord. He made me dream I could move on up. Truth (Deion Sanders)

RIP Sherman Hemsley. #MovinOnUp to heaven now. (Josh Duhamel)

RIP Sherman Hemsley aka George Jefferson. I had the honor of wrking w the great comedic actor as a kid on his show Amen in 1988. #Respect (Larenz Tate)

I love George Jefferson & Deacon Frye like family. Thanks for being awesome Sherman Hemsley. (Seth Green)

Rip to Sherman hemsley a funny a** comedic actor (Marlon Wayans)

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