Common Faces Foreclosure On Chicago Condo

Rapper Common has run into a bit of trouble, but not with the police like many of his hip-hop counterparts. Common, real name Lonnie Lynn, is in danger of having his Chicago Apartment foreclosed on because he allegedly hasn’t paid his mortgage since March.

According to legal documents obtained by TMZ, Common and his manager took out the mortgage for a condo back in 2008. But according to Bank of America the two stopped making the $2,285 a month mortgage payments, forcing the bank to file foreclosure documents.

The bank is looking to recoup the amount of the mortgage plus penalties and interest, which total $345,389.52. Common has yet to respond to the allegations.

The timing of the foreclosure seems odd when you take into account the heavy workload the dual threat has been carrying. Common has two films, a TV show and the hit AMC TV series Hell On Wheels, whose second season is slated for release this year. Common also has two films in post-production for next year.

Common is a co-star in the forthcoming film The Odd Life of Timothy Green. The movie is about Cindy and Jim Green, a couple residing in Stanleyville, who are told they are unable to conceive, so they dream up their ideal offspring and write the child’s characteristics and life events on pieces of paper, including “scoring the winning goal.” The Greens place the notes in a box and bury the box in their backyard.

After a stormy night, a 10-year-old arrives at their doorstep, claiming the Greens as his own. Soon they realize that the child, named Timothy, is far more special than they originally thought

Common managed to accomplish all this while staying true to his craft, releasing his ninth studio album, The Dreamer: The Believer in December of 2011. The rapper also released a book last September called One Day It’ll All Make Sense.

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