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Cause Of Death Revealed For Tameka Raymond, Ryan Glover's Son Kile

Tameka Raymond and her ex-husband Ryan Glover, the parents of 11-year old Kile Glover made the decision on Saturday to remove their son off life support.

Just two weeks ago Kile Glover was being pulled in an inner tube on Lake Lanier with a 15-year old companion. A family friend, 38 year old Jeffrey Hubbard, was operating a jet ski and attempted to drive over the children. Sadly, both children were hit with Kile suffering the brunt of the injury. Tameka’s son never regained conscious and he was declared brain dead.

On Saturday the family made what was likely the toughest decision of their lives, pulling Kile off life support where he later died of heart failure. To get a better understanding of what took place, neurologist Dr. Brent Masel, national director of the Brain Injury Association of America and medical director of the Transitional Learning Center told MTV News,

“There is no one that has been declared brain dead that has survived to being functional. They will not get better.”

It’s important to note the Dr. Masel had absolutely no contact with the Raymond/Glover family. He added, “When someone is declared brain dead, it’s not that their brain is not functioning at all. There are two components to the brain, the cerebrum, which is the thinking part and the brain stem, which narrows and becomes the spinal cord. The thinking part of the brain is no longer functioning and all the patient has functioning is the brain stem.”

In the moments following the tragic news celebrities sent out their condolences to Usher who was once Kile’s stepfather, Tameka and the rest of the family.

Lil Kim “:( My condolences & support go out to @TamekaRaymond @UsherRaymondIV #RIPKile,” she tweeted July 21st. (Lil’ Kim’s Twitter)

Meek Mill:  “RIP Kile. Usher’s 11-years old Stepson. RT for respect.” (Meek Mill’s Twitter)

Kim Zolciak: Prayers to Tameka Raymond and family. NO mother should have to bury their child. Such a sad situation.

Russell Simmons: “The unthinkable for Tameka, Ryan and Usher. my heart is so heavy…”

We have gathered some pictures of Kile with Usher, Tameka, Ryan and his brothers. #RIP

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