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Love & Hip Hop: Sneak Peak, Diamond, Lil Scrappy And Joseline

Love & Hip Hop episode six airs next Monday but the sneak peak is already gathering momentum. Breakout star Joseline Hernandez has no apologies for Stevie J. The music producer approaches Joseline at a photo shoot about texting his daughter’s mother  Mimi Faust and disrespecting his family. Joseline boldly admits to texting Mimi and even proceeds to call her a b*tch several times. Clearly these two are made for each other.

On another note, Erica Dixon’s ex boyfriend Lil Scrappy has been crying about rapper Diamond leaving him heartbroken. Now she has a chance to speak for herself telling New York radio station the Breakfast Club,

The truth is the truth. That’s why I don’t entertain negativity and negative things. Sometimes you just gotta laugh at it. Maybe in my music, I do have certain parts (in my music) where I’ll talk about my life and the truth. I feel that when God presents the opportunity to open up and more and really go into detail, I will. But for the most part, if I was a bad person or if I did anything wrong, I don’t see why my look is so good right now and God is blessing me. I do right by everybody. Anybody who knows me knows that I’m a good person, I’m a very loyal person. I’m not gonna say anything bad about them. I’m not gonna stoop to that level…not saying they’re below me.

It’s important to note that Erica has also taken the high road as it relates to Diamond..only Scrappy and Mama Dee can’t seem to move on.

Diamond’s interview:

Love & Hip Hop sneak peak with Joseline and Stevie J:

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