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Stevie J And Joseline A Trending Topic Over Engagement Rumors

Imagine two months ago many people never heard of Joseline Hernandez while a handful knew of Stevie J from his romance with rapper Eve and his industry work. Now the public can’t seem to get enough the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta stars!

The initial petition to remove the show off the air appears have lost steam and it’s because VH1 has scored another hit with more than 3 million viewers tuning in each week.

The breakout stars of the show are Puerto Rican born singer Joseline and producer Stevie J. The 25-year old Latina has managed in the span of four episodes to deny being intimate with Stevie, to being pregnant, to having an abortion to professing her undying love for Stevie. At some point you hope each cast member is knowingly making fools of themselves for publicity in hopes it may result in a big payout…..

Love & Hip Hop’s producer Mona Scott Young will have you thinking differently of course.

In a recent interview she stated,

“We don’t feed you information. It’s not scripted. That’s the most ridiculous thing that I hear all the time. There are like 40-something people on set. Do you think I can get them all to keep the secret? What do they do with script afterwards, eat it? This is their lives!”

Joseline told a different story when she tweeted, “The government make this 4 u dummies that believe this is real life.”

On the topic of the engagement rumors Stevie J says he’s not ready to talk. Sounds like a plow publicity. And we know how those turn out…

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