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The Obamas Kiss at USA Basketball Game, Fire Up Crowd

The president and the First Lady provided much of the entertainment last night at the USA Basketball game that saw the U.S. men’s and women’s teams beat up on Brazil at the Verizon Center. The fun came by way of the Kiss Cam, a popular feature at U.S. sporting events that requires couples to kiss when their picture shows up on the screen.

At first the Obamas resisted the pressure and declined to kiss. One report said it was the first lady who rebuffed the president, others said it was Barack who was reluctant to kiss his wife. At any rate the crowd, which had erupted in cheers when the first couple first appeared on the screen, switched to loud booing when no kiss materialized.

But Barack and Michelle got another chance in the second half. They popped up again on the Kiss Cam and this time they delivered, urged on by Malia, who could be seen mouthing the word “Now!” The president leaned forward with his arm around Michelle and planted a big kiss on his wife while the crowd cheered lustily. After the kiss on the lips, the president then followed it up with another kiss on Michelle’s forward. Malia Obama, who was sitting to her dad’s left, and Vice President Joe Biden, who was sitting to Malia’s left, both grinned broadly as they watched the first couple’s smooch. After the kiss, the president turned to Malia, as if to say, “Okay, satisfied?”

The Washington Post pointed out that the White House press pool, which had already gotten onto the press van, was called back into the arena to witness the second kiss.

In an interview on CBS, the Obamas talked about the state of their relationship. Barack said their bond has gotten even stronger during the four years they have spent in the White House, a pressure cooker of stress if there ever was one. He said that Michelle still manages to surprise him on a regular basis as he discovers things about her that he didn’t know before, which all the experts say is the key to any successful marriage. The White House photographer has captured many sweet moments of the couple showing affection, which are always the most popular photos that get sent around through email by Obama supporters.


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