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Joseline Choses Stevie J And Music Over Baby

Joseline Hernandez fears returning to the street and possibly becoming a stripper again and in a sneak peak of the next episode the Love & Hip Hop star confirms the news.

“Two days ago I went to the abortion clinic,” revealed Joseline in a candid outtake. “The procedure just left me feeling down and tired. I haven’t spoken to Stevie since he dropped me off at the clinic.”

It wasn’t long before Stevie J pays Joseline a visit and he’s more than ready to move on.

“Both of us (went through it),” says Stevie J. “Every time we talk about something you just keep pointing fingers at me. Just keep it cool.”

Joseline admits she’s still hurting but wants to keep their relationship strictly business moving forward. Given a photo she posted on Facebook holding Stevie’s private – that may not have lasted very long.

Meanwhile the sneak peak opens with Mimi Faust telling friends Ariane and K Michelle about Joseline’s revealing and her decision to move on from Stevie J. Ariane seems less than convinced.

Other scenes involve Lil Scrappy’s mother Mama Dee insisting her son checks Stevie J for disrespecting his girlfriend Erica. This ought to be interesting.

What do you think of Joseline’s decision?

Love and Hip Hop episode four airs tonight (Monday) at 8pm

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