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Serena Williams Faces Racist Comments After Wimbledon Win

Serena Williams won her 5th Wimbledon title on Saturday afternoon, 6-1, 7-5, 6-2 against Agnieszka Radwanska. Her win comes two years after a health scare that included repeated hospital visits, surgeries, blood clots and depression. And least we forget an embarrassing first round defeat at this year’s French Open. Still Serena, the youngest of five daughters from Richard Williams and Oracene Price, fought against the odds to win her 14th Grand Slam. Did we forget to mention hours later Serena and sister Venus also won the women’s double’s final!!

Despite her magnificent fete Williams is dogged by vicious comments not only from spectators but reporters as well!

ESPN sports writer Greg Garber headline for Serena’s win read, “Serena rides savage serve to title”. Garber’s story appears on the front page of Google with a slightly different title, “Serena rides huge serve to title.” Perhaps after he received comments like these,

“SAVAGE” eh? Greg Garber you should be fired.

Greg Garber is a “savage” writer with a “savage” vocabulary. How “savage” can one “savage” writer be? It is unfortunate and insensitive of the ESPN editors who permitted Garber’s article to print. I guess the “savage” editors of ESPN are in agreement with using the word “savage” in context with Serena Williams?

“Savage”? Really? That’s a new low, even for Garber. I guess Serena’s serve wasn’t powerful, well-placed or accurate.

Similar to ESPN, Serena’s fans on Yahoo Sports spend more time defending her than congratulating against comments like these.

hate towards black people is the engine that has propelled blacks to advance beyond your fathers father farthest dream, its become your nightmare, and you hate em even more for their strength to overcome bigotry and racism that still exist, hate may hurt but it destroys the hater,

***Whole Truth
Thank you people, let’s keep these racists on the run. Make them go to even greater lengths to try to spoil our celebration of Serena’s greatness, and make themselves look like the utter incompetents they are in the process. They are literally everything wrong with the world and they blame all the strife and turmoil on everybody else. Their motto is “rule or ruin.” Well you’re ruining yourselves. You may continue…

Is there a race war going on in here? These posts are brutal.

***shonda s
Have you all read some of the post on here being called a gorilla has nothing to do with the way you act on the court…That is a racial attack…

I watched Tennis for many years and have enjoyed watching Serena Williams play. But because of the vicious attacks aimed at her I often stay away from the comment section – it can get scrary! Sadly this occurs every time with Serena, big match, small match, win, lose – the comments against this woman is sickening. I cried as Serena scored her winning shot and rushed to share the moment with her family. Millions who watched and others attending likely cried too – it makes you wonder just where is the humanity of some people.

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