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'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta' Star Joseline Claims The Show Is Fake

Love & Hip Hop was quickly established as an addictive soap opera. From Joseline’s pregnancy, Stevie J’s cheating, Mimi’s unwillingness to let go of a damaged relationship and so much more. And viewers clocking at 4M every Monday night are hooked!

But the breakout star who many loves to hate claims the show is scripted and fake in a Twitter rant.

“The government make this 4 u dummies that believe this is real life. Please mix me with it cause I have work to do.”

While Joseline’s argument may seem a bit nonsensical, Britni Danielle of Clutch Magazine provides three plausible reasons why the show is scripted to hell!

First, Stevie J is a horrible actor — and it shows. She argues that the producer’s lack any meaningful facial expression no matter what the drama of the day is.

Second, the dialogue! Which I too find very funny! “The way these folks sound makes me feel like I’m caught up in a bad street lit novel rather than listening in on normal conversations. And when you couple their dialogue with the super stylized camera shots, I just can’t take these folks at face value.”

Third, Mimi sticking with Stevie despite his rachet behavior. “For her sake, I hope Mimi isn’t as dumb as she seems and is really playing along with this foolishness just to cash a check, because the alternative — that she really is this spineless — is just too sad for words.”

What do you think? Is the cast of Love & Hip Hop going along for the ride and stringing along their 4M viewers with them?

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