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Exclusive Timepieces Made with Ivory of Wooly Mammoth Tusks

Combining form and function with the utmost precision and harmony, the Dresdon-based top watchmaker Lang & Heyne is known for crafting timepieces whose every single piece evolves and matures carefully in the hands of their finest watchmakers, mechanics, finishers and engravers.

Now, showcasing its kinship to the classic tradition of making watches by hand, Lang & Heyne has unveiled its ‘Caliber I’ in ivory, a wrist-watch inspired by an historical watch made over a century ago and displayed at the Dresden Art museum.

Lang & Heyne actually researched the material’s unique features, before designing and producing the ‘Caliber I’ with mammoth ivory plates, balance cock and bridges. However, we have also earlier seen some of the exclusive products crafted out of ivory like the mammoth ivory collector series luxury chess set which is is crafted from 40,000-year old wooly mammoth ivory, the Su Zhongyang’s ivory carving car and the Singulum luxurious wooden notebooks with ivory & gold keyboard.

Source: Born Rich


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