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Maserati Aims to Take Down Porsche 911

Even in the midst of a recession, when fuel economy runs the industry, luxury car manufacturers fight to compete for the title of number one. The Porsche 911 has been called “the king of sports cars,” and has set a high bar for all of its challengers. Nissan’s GT-R, and BMW’s M6 have struck out at the Porsche crown, but ultimately it comes down to a matter of preference. Now, yet another contender has stepped forward, with a different approach.

Italian car maker Maserati has brought a new model to the table, a smaller sports car that promises a punch. Still unnamed, Maserati’s new model has already been tagged with selling points like “driver-focused” and “high-performance halo,” and will carry 450 horsepower. Specifications have not yet been released, but the use of a twin-turbocharged v-6 engine developed by Ferrari is expected, along with a chassis similar to that of the Alfa Romeo 4C. The company is targeting high performance numbers, aiming for 0-60 in under 4 seconds, and a top speed over 90 miles per hour.

It has been over a decade since Maserati attempted to go head to head with Porsche, producing the Coupe in 2001. That model did little to steal Porsche’s pedestal, but Maserati seems motivated to try a second time.

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