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Stevie J Denies Abortion Claim While Joseline Plays Coy On Pregnancy

UPDATE-Love & Hip Hop star Stevie J denies he asked Joseline Hernandez to get an abortion while Joseline wants viewers to wait and see about her pregnancy.

During a radio interview (watch below) Joseline appears to show now physical signs of being pregnant but she easily avoids questions stating the viewers should wait and see. In addition to sidestepping the pregnancy questions Joseline took a few swipes at Stevie J’s longtime girlfriend  Mimi Faust’s calling her “just a baby mother.”

Clearly enjoying every bit of the attention she has since received from Love and Hip Hop Joseline says the men can’t keep their hands off of her.

I’m just a beautiful woman and men love me.  What do they want me to do? It’s not my fault.  I have to get men off of me like roaches.”

Wow. In another interview Joseline candidly admits that her body is greatest asset,

“I make money with my body that’s why it has to be perfect; I can’t help it. People pay thousands of dollars to have my face. They’re talking about me; I love it.That’s what it is.”

Again, wow. Stevie on the other hand had this to say about the possibility of an abortion

“I’m pro life! Never would force anyone to give up on having a child, life is precious. You have to be 100% stable to raise a child!”

Love & Hip Hop third episode airs tonight and will reportedly conclude the pregnancy saga between Joseline and Stevie J.

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