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Evelyn Lozada Opens Up About Sex Life And Cheating With Chad Ochocinco

Evelyn Lozada laid out every single one of her sex secrets for millions to hear. If her fiance Chad Ochocinco has any pride he would be embarrassed by her candidness. The Basketball Wives star stopped by the web show of Kandi Burruss called ‘Kandi Koated Nights’.

On the topic of threesomes and anal sex with Chad, Evelyn answered yes – technically. She and Chad attempted to have a threesome that didn’t work out but the third party gave Ev oral sex!

On anal sex the ‘Inner Circle’ author confirmed yes adding that she also tosses salads and swallows.

“Yes for both but wait let me make something clear. I have eaten a$$ but not Chad’s a$$. He’s not into that [laughs].”

Perhaps the most interesting part came when Evelyn, who ranks herself an 11 in the bedroom, expressed her views on Chad cheating – rumors are already rampant of such behavior.

“I care. I’m not going to say that I don’t care, but I’m not going to stress myself to a point that I’m trying to do everything to stop him. Listen, if you want to go and f-ck then whatever, like I’m 36. I’m not trying to stress about that sh-t. It is what it is and I truly feel like a man is going to do what he wants to do no matter what you do.”

Sooo, this means that Evelyn is OK with Chad cheating……?

Their wedding is scheduled to take place over the 4th of July weekend.

Watch the video below: proceed with caution 🙂

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