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X Factor Finalist Stacy Francis’ Child’s Father is Bishop Noel Jones

Former X Factor finalist Stacy Francis has kept the identity of her second child’s father a secret, but according to, California mega-church leader Bishop Noel Jones is the father.

An insider explains that Stacy was going through a divorce from her husband and the father of her first child, Darwin Kyle Hayes, when she had an affair with the Bishop — resulting in her second child, Anastasia Noelle Jones.

“It was very taboo for a man in his position in the church to get involved with a married woman!” the source told

Bishop Jones, 62, runs the City of Refuge Church in Gardena, Calif., is the brother of singer and supermodel Grace Jones, and has been romantically linked to famous faces like Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes and actress LisaRaye McCoy.

Stacy was famously involved in a nightclub altercation with Whitney Houston just days before Whitney’s unexpected death, where sources said the two women were fighting for the attention of hip hop artist Ray J.

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5 thoughts on “X Factor Finalist Stacy Francis’ Child’s Father is Bishop Noel Jones

  1. stacy francis is going to go to hell for lying on this man of God. she is doing anything to be in the Lime light. I have witness this woman stalk this man in church security had to keep her away from Bishop Jones. looking crazy just standing there stairng at this man in a trans like state. pacing back n forth at church. she is a crazy nut case that is a shame.

  2. all i know is this crap better be true or else stacy is gonna get a azz whipping from hell 😉

  3. Yea is a shame… She's been a liar since DAY ONE..

  4. You two hoes need to get a life. Noel Jones is no where close to a man of God. He sleeps with countless women, and men. And drinks like a fish. You to really need to get into the word, and a good church, and find how a true man of God is suppose to act. Do you to know that the good rev slept with Paula White for years while she was married to Randy White? Ever heard of Mary Knowles (vegasvallymary) do your research before you defend satin.

  5. Sarah Sulton says:

    Paternity tests make it all real clear or go away…..

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