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Kris Humphries Says Kim Kardashian’s Mom Planned Ray J Sex Tape

Kris Humphries claimed that Kris Jenner, Kim Kardashian’s mother, conceived the idea of the sex tape and coaxed her daughter into filming it, according to TMZ also reported that Kim K filmed the video more than once because her mother said the original shots were not “pretty” enough. The X-rated feature was released in February 2007, four years after the video was made.

The explicit video featuring Kim K and ex-boyfriend Ray J marked the beginning of Kardashian’s career, accumulating so much publicity that E Network awarded the Kardashian family with a reality show. Most families would have faced ridicule after the release of their daughter’s sex tape, but the Kardashians were embraced by society, eventually praised for their good looks, lavish living and bigger than life bank accounts. For each catastrophic move she makes, Kim Kardashian earns big dollars, leaving fans wondering if it’s all just a part of her mother’s money-driven scheme.

Kim Kardashian admitted in an interview with Oprah Winfrey that the taping of her and Ray J’s bump and grind was her claim to fame. But while her moves in the bedroom may have afforded her the spotlight, Kardashian said the video “humiliated” her family.
After ending his relationship with Kim K, Kris Humphries reportedly disclosed exclusive information about the Kardashian family to a new girlfriend, Myla Sinanaj. Sinanaj was informed about Kardashian’s alleged intent behind the sex tape as well as other dirty details. After a nasty break up between her and Humphries, she has threatened to reveal all she knows about the Kardashians, and more specifically, Kim K.
But despite her threats, Kim Kardashian has subpoenaed Sinanaj in her divorce case against Humphries, claiming that their relationship contradicts his self-depiction as a heartbroken husband. In court papers the NBA hooper stated that he was left devastated by his wife’s sudden decision to end their marriage after 72 days.
“My client isn’t going to rule anything out at this point,” said Joe Tacopina, Sinanaj’s lawyer, in an interview with “Including whether or not she would be willing to assist Kim Kardashian in her divorce case.”  If Tacopina agrees to work with Kardashian, the Humphries exes may be a challenging duo for the NBA athlete.
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