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Love & Hip Hop Star K. Michelle Confirms Memphitz As Abuser

Love & Hip Hop star K. Michelle lit up the web after her shocking revelations on the premiere episode of the Atlanta franchise. K. Michelle revealed her ex boyfriend was physically abusive during their relationship. It didn’t take long before many put two and two together and called out music executive Memphitz who’s currently married to Lil Wayne’s ex-wife Toya.

K. Michelle hushed all the questions when she called into radio show TT Torrez and confirmed the news;

“I wasn’t scared about that because you are only scared when you’re lying and you only get scared when there aren’t any facts. His family still talks to me and they know the truth. For me, it was like, I still try to do it right and not be shady out of respect for Toya and the situation. I did not even say his name. I told my story without saying his name because I did not want it to be like ‘Oh K is throwing shade’ or ‘K is bitter’ no! He probably is a different man now. Different women bring out different things in men. I wasn’t the one to calm him. And I’m not mad at him or her.”

With that news behind her K. Michelle is back to her music which she tells Vibevixen is the reason to agreed to the show,

“Once you get the attention, you have to keep it with the talent…my main focus has been my music and it’s not gonna stop.”

Let’s hope so.

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