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Lil Wayne Tells Drake and Chris Brown To End Feud

Lil Wayne Tells Drake to Squash Chris Brown Beef

After the highly publicized New York City club brawl with R&B bad boy Chris Brown, Drake isn’t so comfortable walking city streets alone. The Canadian rapper was spotted walking behind two burly bodyguards as he splurged in Washington, D.C.’s shopping centers, reported TMZ. The Drake sighting came as Lil Wayne reportedly told his protege to squash the Chris Brown beef cause it could cost them money.

Dressed in all-black athletic gear, the two bodyguards stood inches from Drake at all times. What happened to the dangerous Drizzy that reportedly assaulted Chris Brown and his entourage? That Drake was left in the VIP section of the W.i.P. nightclub and, according to boss Lil’ Wayne, has been asked to never return again.

Beef amongst rappers often increase record sales, but Drake’s issues with Brown have only brought trouble to his Young Money record label. Sources report that Drake has received phone calls from Wayne, Birdman, Mack Maine and other Young Money affiliates, urging him to squash things between him and Chris Brown. Brown appears on several tracks with Young Money members and is a go-to entertainer for chart topping hits and profitable singles. Wayne is worried that Drake’s dislike of Brown will severely affect business. A source from the Young Money camp confirmed that Young Money has remained in support of Drake, but from the perspective of the corporation, “Money matters most.”

Drake has not only been bombarded by his record label, he has also received pressures from bystanders in the club who were injured during the fight. Four people have come forward to report injuries, including Vladimira Brace, a young woman who said she was trampled by the crowd once the chaos erupted. Brace suffered a spinal abrasion and has hired a lawyer.

Allan Friedman, Brace’s attorney, sent a letter to Drake’s representatives. The letter singled out Drake for the disturbance, “Your client instigated a brawl with Mr. Chris Brown… [Drake’s] actions were reckless and negligent in inflaming a violent mob. My client personally observed several members of [Drake’s] entourage throwing bottles of champagne with reckless and criminal disregard of the well-being of the innocent bystanders.” Drake’s spokesmen have denied such allegations, insisting Drake exited the club before the scuffle even began.

Despite all the negative attention Drizzy’s moment of gangster has created for him and his label, the rapper still made time to visit a D.C. club and buy more bottles. Drake reportedly partied in club Eden with 15-20 people surrounding him, including security guards and rapper J. Cole. After ordering about 40 bottles of alcohol, the rapper and his crew indulged in Ace of Spades champagne, Cristal and Patron tequila. Luckily this time the bottles weren’t used in self-defense.

TMZ reported that Drake will not reach out to Brown in an effort to mend their relationship unless the singer stops blaming him for the incident.

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