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Jennifer Hudson Launches Clothing Line With QVC

Jennifer Hudson is joining the celebrity trend: vigorously capitalizing on their brand. The former American Idol contestant will be releasing an affordable fashion collection with QVC.

The “Jennifer Hudson Collection for QVC” makes its introduction in September which will have clothing options for women ranging from the Oscar winner’s now svelte size, size six to her former size, size 16.

”I feel like I represent every woman. I’ve been on both sides of the fence,” the 30-year-old told WWD. ”I’ve been a big girl and now whatever this is, the average size, whatever you want to call it. But I wanted the clothes to be where any girl could wear it – no matter what size you are – and you could feel comfortable in it.”

The “I Got This” singer is ‘looking forward’ to her new venture and having her music and film fans be part of 14-piece range which she unequivocally assures she would wear every single item.

”It has to be true to me. I would not sign off on it if I would not wear it.”

What can you expect from the line?

The “weight Watchers” front woman line will consist of a $75 sheer maxi skirt with a discreet lining, a $74.50 body-hugging knit dress, a $170 (most expensive item) flared coat, and $50 leggings, of which she owns an astounding 300 pair!

”I’m the legging queen. What I love about a legging is, again, it’s a piece you can dress up or down and it’s still comfortable.”

How did Jennifer come to have a clothing line with QVC?

”She has this great Cinderella story, an aspiration for different women,” Doug Howe, QVC’s executive vice president of merchandising, planning and sales said.

”We don’t overtly go out to target someone who is Hispanic or African-American. We never look at it that way. It all starts with the person’s story and product. That dictates who buys it.”

Are you tempted to but Jennifer’s pieces when they debut in September?

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