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Attorney Tears Into Chris Bosh Over Meager Child Support Payments

Chris Bosh’s reputation is taking a hit as reports are surfacing that the mother of his child, Allison Mathis, was forced to apply for food stamps since losing her job.

According to a statement released by Allison’s Florida based attorney, Jane E. Carey, “(Allison) just lost her job and applied for food stamps for her and Mr. Bosh’s daughter. She’s about to be foreclosed on, he won’t help her and all he wants to do is go to London with his daughter. Are (you) kidding?”

He added,

“He wants to take his daughter across the world for a photo op. It’s just for a photo op. He doesn’t care. He hasn’t been decent to my client and his daughter.”

Earlier this morning Jane continued to bash the Miami Heat star but this time to popular radio host on Tom Joyner,

“Chris has a lavish lifestyle and he’s not stingy, he takes care of everybody except Trinity. I’ve been an attorney for 29 years and Chris is the worst person I have ever dealt with!”

Jane is requesting an increase from Allison’s current $2,600/month child support payment and demands Trinity receives the same treatment as Chris’s youngest child with current wife Adrienne Bosh.

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31 thoughts on “Attorney Tears Into Chris Bosh Over Meager Child Support Payments

  1. if he wins a ring or not he's still a loser if all this is true!


  3. Anonymous says:

    realy, she's still getting 2600 month from him. if he takes care of everyone around him but her I'm sure there's personal reasons why.

  4. Joshua Simon says:

    How is this woman on food stamps if she gets $2600 a month? That's crazy.

  5. Anonymous says:

    2600 a month is more than enough for child support. She obviously mis manages her money, and just because she lost her job does not mean he should give her a full ride. He is the one playing basketball…..not her. He should just take custody of his daughter until she get her life straight.

  6. Keep running down them $$$$…LOL.

  7. Gee Smith says:

    Tell her ass to get a job " simple as that ".

  8. Jake Bucsko says:

    $2600 a month is over $30,000 a year! Just because her baby daddy is rich doesn't mean she should be mooching off of him. If he doesn't pay her, that's one thing, but he is only obligated to support his child, not pay for this chick to live.

  9. he pays 2600 hundred a month in child support. how is he a loser????? he job is to take care of his child, not the mother of his child.

  10. Chris Bosh is paying 2600 a month in child support. that's 31k a year. I know people who are married, and have 3 kids and live off of 31k a year and they get by, they are not ballin, but they get by. tell this bitch to stop spending the money on her self and spend it on the kid. it is called " child support" not baby mama support, not pay for my nails and hair to get done support, not to pay for my escalade and club money support. go on career builder bitch, I see lots of jobs are hiring.

  11. Peter James-Hosten says:

    Go get a job to supplement the 30k u r getting from him….. hell tryout for a cheer leader gig or somting.

  12. Steve Joseph says:

    Ignorant post, don't we ALL want whats BEST for our children. Perhaps this woman, gulp, REALLY just wants to provide a "better" life for her daughter. You are correct, 31K is nothing to sneeze at…..but lets be honest, he's an NBA Player that should be better taking care of his daughter, providing more opportunity and thats that. Let me have it, I don't care…..I know guys making under 6 figures paying $1200 a month, they are proud that they are providing for their daughters n sons. 31k a year doesn't allow for gymnastics, horseback riding, singing and dancing lessons etc. Its just bullshit honestly….

    spoken by a Father who has no problem paying his child support, my daughter is well taken care of with lots of opportunity. Thats what its all about 🙂

  13. Steve Joseph says:

    I thought the same…..who knows right 🙂

  14. Anonymous says:

    An additional (key word) $31,000 per year is a lot of money! She should be able to either find another source of income to add to that amount of live off of it. I grew up in a family of 4 people and we survived off of less. Our rent was always paid, we always had a full fridge with nutritious options and we had a car with gas in it! BOOM! Make it work honey!

  15. this must me all men making the stupid comments who probably have 2 to 5 kids and no job, get a life, oooh and by the way did I say men I meant boys.

  16. Tron Frico Suave Bosse says:

    What the hell is she doing with $2600.00 a month? That's more than some people make in a year! I wouldn't give her another penny! Child support is for the support of the child. Not her wayward habits. I though it was going to say he only pays $500.00 a month. $2600.00! Another money hungry woman trying to suck as much money as she can out of someone!

  17. Deacon Blues says:

    Since when is 2600 meager? It's not his job to support his daughters mother. Most working adults with children may not make that a month. 2600 is more than enough for clothing, food & entertainment. Child support is for the child, the mother is supposed to provide for herself. Smh

  18. Deacon Blues says:

    *2600 is more than enough for food clothing & entertainment for a child. The mother its responsible for her own food, clothing, housing ect not bosh.

  19. Jakub Lakomski says:

    steve, majority of children dont get to enjoy gymanstics, horeseback and singing lessons.. pick one and stik with it….. this is why you dont stick your dick in crazy…maybe he should quit and do your job, and see how much he can afford to give to that child then…

    he makes money because of his natural gift, this woman makes money off of having sex with a man, having his child and forcing him to pay for her lifestyle…

    from hood to riches..

  20. Good point Eric, because most children around the world have to live on 1 dollar a day if even that. So, let us start that race to the bottom, who will get there first? Responsbility is a two-way road, and Chris Bosch would have been wiser to practice safe sex? In the end, there is thing called karma, because she is his daughter.

  21. Lefuarn Harvey says:

    I made way less than that and managed to raise three children, purchase a home, pay for a vehicle and go out to eat occassionally.

  22. Steve Joseph says:

    Silly logic, so "Dad" should be able to live the life of a superstar but the child should live a poverish…..or at least waaaaay less fortunate lifestyle? Don't look at it in terms of what can she do with the money for herself, but what she can do with the money for the little girl. People aren't always evil and crooked, lets think about the lifestyle the little girl gets to live and it appears a bit different IMO

  23. Steve Joseph you dont think when chris spends time with his daughter you dont think he takes her on shopping sprees. and pays for anything she wants. chris takes great care of his daughter and thats his job, and if the lazy bitch of ex wife cant get a job and support there daughter, than time to gve up custody to chris since she cant afford to take care of there daughter.

  24. Jakub Lakomski says:

    exactly, Eric, since he is paying , he might as well hire a PROFESSIONAL care taker.

  25. … I wonder why Bosh hasn't used the legal system to acquire Joint Custody of the child. I would think with his current financial status. Along with his celebrity personae. Bosh…If he wanted…could get joint if not sole custody of that child…

  26. Anonymous says:

    She can't take care of that little girl with $2600 month…dang!

  27. Anonymous says:

    I agree with you, 2600 a month is a lot of money

  28. Why should one child get less benefits from the father than the other and live at a lower level of comfort? One day he may need a kidney, or someone to feed him, and care for him in his later years! And she may wind up being his only chance for survival after all the money and fame is gone! So sow seeds now that may grow to bless you in your latter years!

  29. Adrian Kennedy says:

    No one said the girl was getting less benefits then the other. The mom is losing the money.. Not the father. Unfortunately, if you try to bring the other child up in the same lifestyle as the one he has with his now wife, the ex is gonna probably use it against him and make her life very posh. we don't know the back story behind the mother. If you'd like the child to live the same life style as her step sister, perhaps you should be advising Chris to fight for custody of his daughter instead of paying support to fund child and mother. So no… life isn't about material things. he could be the best father possible and the child live in a apartment because the father is supporting the child and giving her everything she needs instead of giving the mother what she wants. As long as he makes sure the girl is fed, clothed, and taken care of his obligation is met. His obligation ain't to his ex wife to make her like mofy so so he can make his daughter's life cushy.

  30. Michael Magowski says:

    $14,500,000 a year for Chris Bosh it means $1,208,333 per month, $302,083 per week or $60,416.67 per day his salary break down for this year….

    14,500,000 a year for Chris Bosh it means $1,208,333 per month, $302,083 per week or $60,416.67 per day! Now u can do the math what u think he should pay if he really wanted to he would ask for joint custody but that would get in the way of his new marriage and family.

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