Amanda Seales Hits Back at Fans Who Took Issue at Her Remarks About Child Support: ‘The Facts Shaded You’

Amanda Seales is never one to shy away from controversy on Instagram. So when she dropped a recent IG story gem about parents dragging their exes to court over child support, she was forced to clarify her remarks when folks got in their feelings.

In response to a now-deleted post from The Shade Room that read, “Child support is for absent fathers…not failed relationships,” Seales fired off in agreeance.

amanda seales

amanda seales

“There’s nothing side chicky about my statement. The bottom line is if you are parents, handle yo s—,” she elaborated in a video. “If you are pulling someone and your child and yourself through a court system because you are upset that somebody doesn’t want to romantically be with you even though they’re being a stand-up parent then that’s some dumb, wack ass s—.”

Her message got under some of her followers’ skin and Seales hit back saying they can’t take what she said out of context to make it fit their points.

“I never said a man should not be taken for child support,” she explains. “I never said that child support does not serve a purpose. I simply said, if you know someone is performing to the best of their abilities financially and physically then you are wildin’ for taking them to court.

“People get mad about, ‘Well how can you determine that?’ You know that. You know why? ‘Cause you knew the n—- was broke when you f—ed him. … So y’all wanna be mad? Fine. But I didn’t shade you. The facts shaded you.”

She added in the caption, “Kids first. #igstorygem I got a lot of undeserved heat for these statements but, I said what I said and in very certain terms. Specifically to Black folks: I feel that whenever possible, we should do our best not to involve a court system that has never considered us equally deserving of justice. Two people do not need to be in love to love their child. When everyone steps up we raise up. I hope we can all do better, as a community, to work with each other to create nurturing homes for our youth to thrive.”

Seales latest take won praise from her followers.

“Guuuurl, you betta educate the people!!”

“She tellin the truth 🤷🏾‍♀️👏🏾.”

“Dat 👏🏽 part 👏🏽.”


“One more time for the folks in the back! “🙌🏾👏🏿

However,  a few disagreed.

“Isn’t that what the court is for? Both parties are emotionally involved and emotions can cloud judgment, also one or both parents could not be working for the child’s best interest. So the court is there to do what’s best without emotions clouding things. It takes into account things like what the parent actually makes and what they can provide the child. Isn’t that a good thing?”

“How can you know anything about this struggle when you have no children? You have no true reference. I not shading you but also speaking a fact.”

“The problem is that ‘the best of their abilities’ standard is what they tell you it is, while the reality may be they’re not doing their best. Then magically you see them able to come up with funds for things they find important to themselves rather than their children. Mothers have to be freaking superhuman miracle workers pushed beyond our limits, while others perform their lukewarm ‘best’. Stop this nonsense.”

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