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Rihanna Says Her Father is Source of Strength Via Twitter

Rihanna Twitter – Despite her accomplishments as an adult performer and obvious disdain for authority, pop star Rihanna says that her dad, Ronald Fenty, is her source of strength and inspiration and she confides in him when she is troubled.
Rihanna made sure to acknowledge Fenty on Father’s Day, posting a picture of herself on Instagram and captioning the image, “Sleepy face! Daddy, I you were here!” The mega star looked disheveled in the photo, but still received over 20,000 likes from fans.  called the image was touching and refreshing, and that the moment of endearment may have softened the edgy super star.
Rihanna continued to pay tribute to her father’s role in her life, tweeting a picture of her and her dad dressed in award show attire. She captioned the photo, “Big papa!”
While Ronald Fenty has been there for his daughter through emotional breakdowns, false allegations and public slandering, the 24-year-old daddy’s girl just can’t seem to smooth things over with the rest of the men in her life. It’s rumored that Rihanna’s past relationships with rapper Drake and singer Chris Brown fueled the fury in the two male artists that erupted in a brawl in a New York night club. In a battle of pride, respect and love for the same woman, curse words were exchanged and bottles were thrown, injuring several people, including bystander Ingrid Gutierrez, a model who suffered a gash in the head during the altercation.


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