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Meagan Good Talks Aging Well, G-Unit, And Friendship With Khloe Kardashian

Meagan Good chatted with Shade 45’s Sirius XM station host DJ Whoo Kid where she discussed her upcoming show on NBC “Infamous” and talked about the super success of Think Like A Man.

She said it was good for women to think like a man in business situations.  But when it comes to romance, you need to still be able to maneuver like a woman. “We have to respects ourselves differently then guys do and it is kind of a double standard.”

She joked that she hopes to age as well as Vanessa Williams and remain youthful and gorgeous for a long time.  She also revealed her beauty regimen…and it’s super simple.  Clearacil facial cleaner and pads and Lucerne lotion.  She swears that all she ever uses on her face.  “I just try to keep it real simple and take care of yourself.”

She also revealed that she and DJ Whoo Kid, who is part of the Shady/G-Unit click, have been cool for years.  And along with Khloe Kardashian (all makes sense now doesn’t it?), they all toured with G-Unit 9 years ago.

Hmmm…..they stories they must have.  Especially since neither Meagan or Khloe were hitting the stage to do guest rap spots or anything. Meagan did appear in 50’s “21 Questions” vid. She added that you would be surprised at all the celebs who used to kick it with each other before they all became super famous.  And she even included Tupac in the mix.

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