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Evelyn Lozada Suffers A Fashion Miss At 'Inner Circle' Book Tour

Evelyn Lozada put on her author’s hat as she joined friends, family and fans at the Barnes & Noble Co-op in her hometown Bronx, New York City. The ‘Basketball Wives’ star was present to sign copies of the first installment from her ‘Inner Circle’ book series. Evelyn wore a grey Helmut Lang pant and jacket combo showing off her now famous abs. Not sue how we’re feeling about this look – though we adore her Christian Louboutin pumps.

Recently Evelyn completed an interview with Jocks and Stiletto Jill dishing on her book series

What was the process of putting this book together like and how long did it take?

Oh, man. It was sitting there, reading journals and sharing stories, and then having Courtney add her twist. I probably started this whole process with her last season, so it took a good eight months, almost a year. It definitely a while. We didn’t want to rush it, we wanted to make sure it was good but that definitely required a lot of late night conversations.

How and when did you come about with a book deal with Cash Money and can you break down what kinda deal it is?

It’s a series of three books. I’m good friends with Teresa Caldwell, who is Bow Wow’s mom and manager, and her and I were talking about the journals. She said, ‘Let me talk to Baby,’ ’cause you know her son is signed to his label and that’s how it came about. They had a convo about it. I had a few other deals on the table but when this one came about, I mean, Cash Money,—everything they touch turns to gold and they are supportive of each other. I feel good about this situation, you know?

Definitely. Inner Circle is part of The Wives Association series. Are you already working on the next installation? And, if so, when can fans expect that?

I just recently started working on it because this book took a while. I’m filming two shows and have a million and one things going on, so we just started working on it and I don’t want to give away to much about it just yet.

What do you think of Evelyn’s look?

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0 thoughts on “Evelyn Lozada Suffers A Fashion Miss At 'Inner Circle' Book Tour

  1. Princess says:

    This outfit is just fine for this particular book signing. On to another subject, Miami Dolphins here we come are you ready to take over the football field along with Chad? here we come (laughing)!!!!

  2. vanessa says:

    Evelyn Lozada what’s up baby? I have a song for you ‘Roll it gal’ by Allison Hinds. Shaniece Hairston happy birthday baby, i bet we teach you how to put your hands on your waist and roll it too (laughs), have a wonderful, wonderful b-day babe. Hey, LA what’s up? catch the fever, feel the fire Inner Circle is on the move and coming straight at you enjoy!!!

  3. Princess says:

    Oh Yes I feel you Ms. Vanessa, Miami she’s cooming home get ready for the Heat. Dallas and Atlanta you guys too, Inner Circle is coming and bringing the heat. Oh Father we thank, we thank you that you are not like man. Indeed, you are the Lord God and yes God all by himself. Now Evelyn, don’t you get so frustated over those bags, breathe a jeans and a blazer will do. (smiles)

  4. Princess says:

    Eve Chad said that he is wearing a see-thru tuxedo to the wedding and I just want to get up under this desk at work to lay out with the laughter. Gosh this man is something else, i’m swelling where i want to laugh so bad.

  5. vanessa says:

    Miami are you ready Inner Circle by Evelyn Lozada booksigning is tomorrow? I am so glad the Heats won the game a few minutes ago which means the city should be in good spirits tomorrow. This game was a great one Oaklahoma City played well too It was hard to tell which way the game was going to. This is my first time getting to know some of the new young players from Oak City like Westbrook and Durant and we are impressed. Boy oh boy, we had to keep our fingers crossed tonight, this is going to be a great NBA Finals. The line at the book-store is going to be looooong tomorrow Ev!!!!

  6. Princess says:

    Tour is over, a complete success, damn it looked like the whole city of Dallas turned out on Saturday BOOM, BOOM BOOM. Now singing, here comes the brides, here comes the brides (dying with the laughter), (Oh Lord we thank you)!!!

  7. Princess says:

    Eve, what’s the matter babes why you wake up feeling so, so? We don’t like the sounds of that is Moses crossing the red sea? What’s the matter? do you need Pepe to give you a massage? Where is he did he do something? Oh we can’t have this we need the new bride-to-be feeling just as happy and excited as we are. Eve remember to keep your convo positive, all of that helps to keep you in a good mood. We are even done talking about Missy and the awful things that she did, that’s all water under the bridge. Pepe go kiss her, giver her a flower, fix lunch for her and have a sit to the table. Tell her what a happy man she has made you and that you’re so glad to have her in your life. Tell her you can’t wait for the day to come for you to officially make her yours forever. Hey, Hey, hey we need our bride-to-be in good spirits as we are (smiles).

  8. vanessa says:

    Hey Chase what you had to go messing with Evelyn’s truck for? (laughing) Now you go and pay a real mechanic to have that damn radio fixed ASAP. In the future you keep your hands to your damn self while she is gone. Eve anytime you leave for a few days he has a tendency to go looney/just lost/nuts without you (laughing) we’ve noticed this. Ok now that we done cuss him, Eve let us girls continue to have our fun!!

  9. Princess says:

    PEOPLE, PEOPLE, PEOPLE don’t worry about the proposal check the wedding. Mr. Chase make sure you give us a little sneak peak on the OCCN report’s website (wink)!!!

  10. Princess says:

    Dang, i’m taking my slow time ready my book ‘Inner Circle’ at chapter 9 and loving it. Oh gracious, (laughing) it’s like having a splash of brandy in my coffee. It’s so strong, turns me on (laughing) I like it, (dialect)( momma say if ya can take the heat stay of off the kitchen ey). Woooooow, i’m gon try this over the week-end (dying with the laughter). Now boss is on vacation so let’s continue!!!

  11. Princess says:

    Chad tweeted, Evelyn if you ever leave me I will use those old BBW footage to support why I was emotionally abused n win half your assets and we are just dying with the laughter over this tweet. Ohhhh there is hardly a dull moment this man, Eve he sure loves you ain’t no doubt about it (smile).

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